Star Wars BB8 Costume

Star Wars Girls BB8 Costume

Grab your Star Wars Girls BB8 Costume now before they are all gone!

Fun girl costumes are hard to find, but finding a Star Wars Girls BB8 Costume is a challenge. They are so popular, the stores sell out fast.

My grandsons love to play with their costumes and there seems to be a lot more boys costumes on the market than girls. Well, you always see the really frilly princess ones.

But what if you have a tomboy? There are costumes for them too. This girls BB8 costume is a great choice. Although it’s a dress, it’s not too frilly and she can easily run in it.

🔴Excited to see the Star Wars Girls BB8 Costume? Check it out right here!

Who Is BB8?

BB8 droid
BB8 is the lovable droid character in the new Star Wars movies.

He is round and can move in any direction….fast.

His head is a free-moving dome that somehow stays on his body as he moves around.

His look is such that anyone that has seen the recent Star War movies will know immediately what or who the costume portrays.

When they first came up with the idea of BB8 it was to be a girl. Somehow it changed to being a boy, but that’s ok. We still love him. 

But this adorable BB8 Costume for girls is so fun! Don’t you just love that hat?

I can see kids wanting to wear it all the time.

Girls BB8 Costume Sizes and Accessories

This girls BB8 Costume comes in small, medium and large. Just to be sure the size is right, below is the size chart they provide.

It comes with the dress and hat or headpiece. You really don’t need any other accessories to go with this girls BB8 Costume. Shoes…shoes would be nice. Black shoes is fine.

🔴 TIP! Be sure to check the size chart below to get the perfect size for your child. They seem to run small.

Girls BB8 Costume Size Chart

If you love this Girls BB8 Costume, you might also like the Star Wars Rey Costume. BB8 is Reys companion.

Adorable Girls BB8 Costume!

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A Few More Girls BB8 Costumes

🔴Etsy means it is handmade.

If it’s on Etsy it’s home made. I love anything handmade because when I sewed for my kids, the quality was always so much better than store bought. Check these out, they are adorable!

BB8 DressBB8 DressBB8 tutu dressBB8 tutu dressBB-8 inspired DressBB-8 inspired Dress

I hope this helped you understand what the girls BB8 costume is all about. Finding the right costume takes time, but you will find it and she will love it. The problem after that is getting it off her long enough to clean it.


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