Pretend Food for Kids Kitchens

Indulge your child’s culinary imagination with the Pretend Food for Kids Kitchens, a delightful array of play food items designed to spark creativity and ignite their passion for pretend cooking. With a generous package including 42 items and 100 pieces of cooking toys, this set offers a treasure trove of possibilities for imaginative play. From vibrant fruits and vegetables to essential kitchen utensils and dinnerware, each component is meticulously crafted to resemble the real thing, ensuring a realistic and immersive play experience. Whether they’re hosting a make-believe dinner party or whipping up imaginary meals in their play kitchen, this comprehensive set promises endless hours of educational fun for toddlers aged 1-3.


Dive into the abundance of features included in the Pretend Food for Kids Kitchens set, offering unmatched value and versatility. With 35 different kinds of pretend fruits, vegetables, and play food, children can explore a wide variety of ingredients and recipes, enhancing their understanding of healthy eating habits and food preparation. The set can be separated into 82 small pieces, providing ample opportunities for sorting, counting, and imaginative role-play. Additionally, the inclusion of 2 storage baskets, 4 cutting boards, 4 kitchen knives, and 8 dinner plates ensures that children have everything they need to fully immerse themselves in their culinary adventures. With its comprehensive selection of play kitchen toys, this set is sure to captivate and entertain young chefs while fostering essential skills and nurturing their creativity.