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Pretend Coffee Shop Wooden Playset

Get ready to brew up some fun with the Pretend Coffee Shop Wooden Play Set! This delightful toy promises endless hours of excitement and imagination as children step into the role of barista at their very own coffee shop. Whether they’re serving up imaginary lattes or crafting pretend pastries, this adorable play center offers a caffeine-free adventure that’s perfect for kids of all ages. With its charming design and array of play pieces, the Pretend Coffee Shop Play Set provides the perfect backdrop for creative role-playing and pretend play.


Immerse your child in the whimsical world of the My Coffee Shop Wooden Playset! This adorable play center offers a mess-free way for kids to explore the joys of running their own coffee shop. With 14 different baked goods and a variety of coffee beverages, this set ensures hours of imaginative play without the need for real food or drink items. Featuring a rotating cash register, credit card, and barista apron, children can experience all aspects of a coffee shop, from making coffee to selling pastries and greeting customers at the drive-thru window. Suitable for ages 3 and up, this coffee shop playset encourages imaginative play and creativity while providing endless opportunities for fun and excitement. Assembled, the playset measures 28″ L x 15 1⁄4″ W x 44 ½” H, offering ample space for little baristas to serve up some pretend fun.