LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Wayfinding Boat

Embark on a thrilling oceanic adventure with the LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Wayfinding Boat, a captivating toy set that brings the magic of Disney’s Moana to life. Designed for young explorers and Disney fans alike, this eye-catching buildable Catamaran toy boat offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling. With its printed sail depicting the traditional Motunui people, children can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Moana’s world as they set sail on exciting quests and daring voyages.


Dive into the world of Moana with the LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Wayfinding Boat set, packed with exciting features and play-ready accessories. The removable shelter, complete with two beds and a small fire lamp element, provides a cozy retreat for Moana and her mother Sina LEGO mini-doll figures, while the included dolphin figure adds an extra touch of movie-inspired magic to playtime adventures. With accessories such as an oar, drums, and coconut LEGO food elements, children can enhance their play experience and unleash their creativity as they join Moana on epic quests across the vast ocean. Perfect for fans of Disney’s Moana, this LEGO | Disney Princess set promises hours of imaginative fun and excitement as children set sail on unforgettable adventures with Moana and her friends.