Lego Friends Seaside Beach Villa

The Lego Friends Seaside Beach Villa is a vibrant and inviting construction set that brings the sunny shores to life. Perfect for young builders and beach enthusiasts alike, this set captures the essence of seaside living with its colorful design and charming details. From the cozy beach house to the sandy shores, every element of the Seaside Beach Villa exudes relaxation and fun, inviting children to embark on imaginative adventures under the sun. Whether it’s building sandcastles, lounging on the beach chairs, or exploring the vibrant coral reef, this Lego set promises endless hours of creative play and beachside bliss.


This Lego Friends set features a two-story beach villa complete with a rooftop terrace, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The villa is furnished with beach-themed accessories, including surfboards, a beach umbrella, and a barbecue grill, adding to the coastal charm of the scene. Additionally, the set includes mini-doll figures of Olivia and Mia, as well as a cute sea turtle for added play possibilities. With its modular design and interchangeable elements, children can customize their beach villa and create their own seaside adventures. Whether hosting a beach party or enjoying a relaxing day by the ocean, the Lego Friends Seaside Beach Villa offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and creative storytelling.