LEGO Friends Heartlake City Play Hair Salon

The LEGO Friends Heartlake City Play Hair Salon Fun Toy 41391 is a vibrant and exciting playset that brings the world of hairstyling to life in Heartlake City. Nestled in the bustling streets of the beloved town, this charming construction set captures the essence of creativity and friendship, offering young builders the chance to become hairstylists for the day. With its colorful facade and trendy interior design, the Heartlake City Play Hair Salon invites children to unleash their imagination and create stylish looks for their favorite characters. From washing and styling to cutting and coloring, this LEGO set provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and hairstyling adventures.


The Heartlake City Play Hair Salon Fun Toy LEGO set features a two-story building with various hairstyling stations and accessories. Inside, children will find a reception area, washing station, styling stations, and a hair accessory stand, all equipped with colorful bricks and accessories to spark creativity. The set includes mini-doll figures of Emma and Natasha, along with a pet cat figure, adding to the sense of camaraderie and companionship. With its modular design and interchangeable elements, children can customize the Hair Salon and create their own Heartlake City adventures. Whether giving makeovers to friends, experimenting with new hairstyles, or hosting fashion shows, the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Play Hair Salon Fun Toy offers hours of imaginative play and hairstyling fun.