Disney Princess Rapunzel Baby Doll

The Disney Princess Rapunzel Baby Doll is a delightful representation of the beloved character from Disney’s “Tangled.” Designed with exquisite attention to detail, this baby doll captures the charm and innocence of Rapunzel as a young child, bringing the magic of the fairy tale to life. With her iconic long blonde hair, sparkling eyes, and adorable expression, the Rapunzel Baby Doll is sure to capture the hearts of Disney fans of all ages. Whether for imaginative play or as a collector’s item, this doll offers a charming addition to any Disney Princess collection.

This Rapunzel Baby Doll comes dressed in a charming outfit inspired by the iconic character’s appearance in the animated film. Adorned with a purple dress and matching carrier, the doll embodies Rapunzel’s signature style, while her soft body and vinyl arms, legs, and head make her perfect for cuddling and playtime. The doll also features delicate facial features and rooted hair, allowing children to brush and style Rapunzel’s long locks, just like in the movie. With its enchanting design and high-quality craftsmanship, the Disney Princess Rapunzel Baby Doll provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and magical adventures.