Disney Princess Belle Baby Doll

The Disney Princess Belle Baby Doll Deluxe with Tiara, Carrier, Plush Friend, Pacifier, Bib & Baby Bottle is a charming addition to any little princess’s collection. Inspired by the iconic character from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” this baby doll captures the grace and elegance of Belle in her infant form. With her enchanting smile, soft features, and exquisite detailing, the Belle Baby Doll invites children to embark on magical adventures in the enchanted world of Beast’s castle. Complete with a tiara, carrier, plush friend, pacifier, bib, and baby bottle, this deluxe set provides all the essentials for nurturing play and imaginative storytelling with Belle.

This Belle Baby Doll is crafted with a soft body for huggable cuddles and features vinyl arms, legs, and head for realistic play. Dressed in a beautiful gown reminiscent of Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown, complete with a matching tiara, this doll exudes regal charm and sophistication. With her expressive eyes, delicate facial features, and rooted hair, children can immerse themselves in the fairy tale world of “Beauty and the Beast” as they care for their own little version of the beloved princess. Whether attending royal tea parties or going on magical adventures, the Disney Princess Belle Baby Doll Deluxe offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and enchanting storytelling.