Disney Princess Ariel Baby Doll

The Disney Princess Ariel Baby Doll Deluxe with Tiara, Carrier, Plush Friend, Pacifier, Bib & Baby Bottle is a captivating addition to any young Disney fan’s collection. Inspired by the beloved character from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” this baby doll encapsulates the spirit and curiosity of Ariel in her infant form. With her adorable expression, soft features, and intricate detailing, the Ariel Baby Doll invites children to dive into undersea adventures in the magical kingdom of Atlantica. Complete with a tiara, carrier, plush friend, pacifier, bib, and baby bottle, this deluxe set provides all the essentials for nurturing play and imaginative storytelling with Ariel.


This Ariel Baby Doll is expertly crafted with a plush body for cuddly comfort and features vinyl arms, legs, and head for lifelike play. Adorned in a charming mermaid-inspired outfit, complete with a shimmering tiara, this doll radiates aquatic elegance and charm. With her sparkling eyes, delicate facial features, and rooted hair, children can embark on enchanting journeys under the sea as they care for their own little version of the beloved princess. Whether exploring hidden treasures or swimming with friendly sea creatures, the Disney Princess Ariel Baby Doll Deluxe offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and magical adventures.