Chevrolet Blazer Ride on Car

Prepare for endless adventures with the Chevrolet Blazer Ride on Car, a thrilling toy vehicle that promises hours of excitement for your little one. Featuring two seats, this officially-licensed Chevrolet Blazer ride-on car allows children to share the fun with a friend or sibling, enhancing social interaction and fostering teamwork. With an upgraded 24V 7Ah lithium battery, this ride-on car offers a more powerful and longer-lasting riding experience compared to traditional 12V models, ensuring that young drivers can enjoy extended playtime adventures without interruption.


Safety is paramount with the Chevrolet Blazer Ride on Car, equipped with a range of features to ensure your child’s well-being during playtime. With a safety belt, remote control, and slowly start function, parents can rest assured that their child is protected at all times. The remote control allows parents to stop the moving car, change speed or steering direction, and intervene when necessary to avoid potential dangers. Meanwhile, manual driving mode gives children the opportunity to explore independently, while the 2.4GHz remote control provides added guidance and supervision when needed. With shock-absorbing 4-wheel spring suspension and smooth driving capabilities, this ride-on car offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride on various road types. Featuring USB and Bluetooth connectivity for music playback, working LED headlights, a horn, startup sounds, and lockable doors, this multi-functional electric car is the perfect gift for kids aged 3 and above, offering a realistic driving experience that will spark their imagination and create lasting memories. With overall dimensions of 52″ (L) x 34” (W) x 23” (H) and a weight capacity of 88 lbs, this Chevrolet Blazer Ride on Car is sure to provide endless hours of fun and adventure for your child.