12V 4 Wheeler Quad Car Toy

The 12V 4 Wheeler Quad Car Toy with 10AH Battery is an exhilarating ride-on toy that promises endless fun and excitement for young adventurers. With its sleek design and powerful performance, this electric vehicle offers an immersive driving experience that will captivate children’s imaginations. Equipped with a spacious 2-seater extended seat, accommodating up to 2 kids at once, children can enjoy thrilling rides with friends or siblings, fostering social interaction and creating lasting memories. Whether they’re cruising around the yard or exploring new terrain, this quad car toy provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor play and active adventures.


Dive into the impressive features of the ELEMARA electric vehicle, designed to enhance safety, convenience, and enjoyment. With two charging ports, including one on the center console and a spare one at the rear of the car, charging is made more convenient than ever. Additionally, the quad car offers two speeds, allowing children to choose between a low speed of 3.1mph or a high speed of 4mph for added versatility. Featuring four large treaded wheels and shock-absorbing springs on the front wheels, this toddler ATV delivers a smooth and stable ride on a variety of surfaces, including hardened surfaces, wooden boards, asphalt floors, shallow sand, and grass. With its impressive 10AH battery providing longer working time and automatic reminders for recharging, the ELEMARA ride-on car ensures uninterrupted playtime fun for children aged to delight in.