Princess Elena Disney Dolls

Princess Elena Disney Doll – Disney New Latina Princess

Get excited about the new Princess Elena Disney Doll – The first Disney Latina Princess!

Disney Princess Elena Dolls

The new Princess Elena Disney Doll is a replica of the new Disney Latina Princess show that begins July 22, 2016 called Elena of Avalor. The first time we saw Elena is on the show Sophia the First. Sophia discovered that Elena was trapped in a precious amulet her father had given her. She was determined to get Elena out because an evil sorceress put Elena in there and took over her kingdom.

Disney Princess Elena Doll

Disney Princess Elena is a 16 year old Latina girl who, in order to save her younger sister, went up against an evil sorceress and lost. The evil sorceress put her in the amulet. But now that Sophia has released her, she will take over her kingdom again. She will needs lots of help. That is what the new Disney Princess Elena show will be about.

In the process of getting her kingdom back, she will need to learn to use thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion to accomplish her goals. Our kids will learn those same traits right along with her. I love kids shows that teach them things while they are enjoying the show.

Did you know that Disney has never put a princess in a red dress? Me either. But I think it’s exciting for this new Princess Elena Disney Doll,  that happens to be Latina, in a red dress. It’s beautiful too! Everyone of the Princess Elena Disney Dolls has a gorgeous red dress on. So pretty!

Elena of Avalor Dolls – Deluxe Singing Doll Set

Elena of Avalor Dolls

This deluxe Princess Elena Disney Doll comes with both of the sisters, Elena and Isabel. They sing two songs, The Magic Within You and My Time.  To listen to the songs click here.   Simply turn Elena’s hand and she sings. They come with a guitar and Isabel’s book.  Also you will find a crown, gold shoes, earrings, and Elena’s scepter. Their dresses are beautifully made and every detail is gorgeous. They glitter and sparkle, just like a princess should. (Found at

Elena of Avalor Classic Doll

Elena of Avalor Dolls 2

A 12 inch poseable Princess Elena Disney Doll will be so much fun to play with. Take her on adventures and have fun all day long pretending to be protecting the Kingdom of Avalor. With the beautiful signature red Elena dress, they will have great adventures. Stick her in a tree or have her hang off the swing set. She is a rough and ready girl If your little girl wants to look like Elena, she get her very own Elena dress here and pretend to be Elena. (Found at

Elena Plush Doll

Elana of Avalor Dolls 3

This will be the Princess Elena Disney Doll that she will want to take to bed. A 20 inch plush Elena doll to cuddle and tell stories too is perfect for any little girl that loves this story. She has earrings and a belt buckle, but they are just as soft as the rest of the plush Elena doll. Her dress is the signature dress for this character and detailed beautifully. (Found at

Skylar Plush – Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor Dolls - Skylar

Skylar is an important character in the new TV show,  Elena of Avalor. He is one of three magical flying creatures called Jaquins who support Elena as she learns how to rule her kingdom. Skylar keeps her from trouble and takes her where she needs to go. Having a Skylar plush in your little ones arms may help them fight their own monsters at night. This will go perfectly with the plush Princess Elena Disney Doll. (Found at

Elena of Avalor Mini Doll Set

Elena of Avalor Dolls 4

Princess Elena isn’t taking her kingdom back by herself. She has friends. Naomi is her best friend and sits on the Grand Council that was made to help her rule the kingdom. It’s nice having a friend on that council. Mateo is a wizard in training and another great friend of Elena’s. Gabe is another great friend and a rising star in the Royal Guard. And of course, you get a Princess Elena Disney Doll in this set too. You get all four of these Avalor dolls in the set. Kids can recreate the scenes from the show with their friends or create new ones. (Found at

Elena of Avalor Dolls

Look for the new Elena of Avalor Show debuting July 22, 2016 and don’t miss every new episode! Grab your favorite new Princess Elena Disney Doll before they are sold out. Some are for pre-orders only.

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Princess Elena Disney Dolls. New Disney Princess and TV show. Debut July 22, 2016. Don't Miss it and get your dolls before they are sold out.

Plush Princess Elena Disney Doll. Disneys brand new doll from the show Elena of Avalor. Don't miss it!

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