Build and Imagine Doll Houses – Magnetic House Toy

Build and Imagine Magnetic Doll House
Have you ever heard of a Magnetic House Toy? Build and Imagine Doll Houses have magnetic house toy pieces.

Magnetic doll houses are a great imagination builder made for little girls to quickly put together a customized doll house. This makes it personalized fun before they get to the playing part.

Imagine how excited they will be when they realize that they can put these story walls together anyway they want. This magnetic toy will really encourages creativity and outside the box thinking.

Illustrated story wall panels are connected magnetically. There is no right or wrong way to build your magnetic house toy and the panels are so easy to connect because of the strong magnets in the edges of the panels.

Imagine your child getting excited every day to build a new and different doll house. They will have stories for each wall they choose and why. They will enjoy exploring how tall they can build it and what accessory magnets to put where.

The story walls are created to last. Well made and sturdy, with magnetic accessories that let their imagination run wild. This is a toy that will last through the generations. There is so much detail on each story wall that it really draws the kids in and will fuel their creativity and spatial skills as they play.

What makes magnetic doll houses so special? Your kids learn while they are having fun.

Have you heard about STEM? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

Toys that focus on STEM learning can quickly teach your child how these areas of learning are intertwined in our everyday life and problem solving.

Preparing our children early in life in these areas will help them to become leaders in their chosen field sooner than without early introduction of the basic principles. As parents, we want our children to succeed in everything they do, and have fun doing it.

These magnetic doll houses are perfect for kids 4 to 8 years of age, but from all the reviews I have read, it is great for even younger kids. They love realizing that the walls will stand by themselves with just two walls connected. The fact that they can make up stories and act them out on the story boards just adds another dimension of fun.


Build and Imagine Doll Houses –

Magnetic House Toy

Malia’s Beach House Building Kit

In Malia’s Beach House you will meet best friends Malia and Skyler. They make music videos, tend to the vegetable garden, and goof off in the pool. As the sun starts to set, Skyler’s dog Hubble encourages them out of the gate to explore along the coast.

Build and Imagine Doll Houses – Magnetic House ToyMalia’s Beach House includes:

  • Malia & Skyler dress-up dolls
  • 16 dual-sided building panels- a swimming pool, functional door, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, garden, floor and roof shapes
  • Hubble the dog
  • outfits and accessories

Build and Imagine Doll Houses – Magnetic House Toy Video Review

Watch this video review of the magnetic doll houses to get a better idea of how they connect and if your child would enjoy this doll house. I think even my grandsons would enjoy playing with these. I am sure they would connect them into some great race track with a tunnel.


Build & Imagine: Marine Rescue Center (magnetic building set with adventurous wooden character)Build & Imagine: Marine Rescue Center (magnetic building set with adventurous wooden character)Build & Imagine: Day at the Beach (magnetic building set with girl and boy characters)Build & Imagine: Day at the Beach (magnetic building set with girl and boy characters)


Whether you choose one or all three Build & Imagine Doll Houses – Magnetic House Toy is up to you. One kit will have your child playing moments after receiving her magnetic house toy. Adding additional kits just adds to the fun.