Kids Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Kids Mermaid Tails for Swimming | More Fun in the Pool

Kids Mermaid Tails for SwimmingKids Mermaid Tails for Swimming is the perfect idea for the pool.

Every little girl, including me, pretended she was a  mermaid in the pool. We would kick our feet like a mermaid would have to do to swim. Then we would all get our hair wet and fix it in some mermaid fashion

Now girls don’t have to pretend. They can have the mermaid tail and really swim just like a mermaid.

They make matching tops so she will feel completely in the role while she is in the pool, lake or beach.

fun fin mermaid tail What makes this mermaid tail different than others is the monofin tail. It is designed for natural motion, optimal propulsion and comfort.

Because the monofin tail is made to be hard, your little girls will not only look adorable, they will be able to swim faster and be comfortable doing it.

They actually put there feet in the fin and then cover it with the mermaid suit. It gives them the force they need to maneuver around the pool.

Soon they will learn how to use their monofin tail to do tricks and dive deep.

Here is the big problem with these beautiful mermaid tails for swimming – all the girls will want one. They have mom size too. Just saying.


Get Your Own Kids Mermaid Tails for Swimming

There are many color choices and sizes. They even have them in women’s sizes. Don’t forget the color coordinating bathing suits.

Aussie GreenArtic BlueTropical SunriseAsian Magenta

Video Review

Check out this video where the girls are showing you how it works and how to put them on. I know you will have all the same questions I had. This answered them all.


Please take safety precautions with these mermaid tails. These are only for advanced swimmers because it isn’t easy to swim. They will need to learn to swim like a mermaid and it can be a challenge for younger kids.

It isn’t a flotation device either, so please don’t leave them alone while swimming in their mermaid tail.

Kids Mermaid Tail for the Pool

Kid Mermaid Tails Size Chart

Here is a size chart that will help you choose the right size for each child. These are machine washable in a gentle cycle and then hang to dry. They don’t recommend them to be used in hot tubs.

GIRLS 6, Waist 21-23 inches, Length 24-27 inches
GIRLS 8, Waist 23-25 inches, Length 28-32 inches
GIRLS 10, Waist 24-26 inches, Length 30-34 inches
GIRLS 12, Waist 25-27 inches, Length 34-37 inches


WOMENS X-SMALL, Waist 28-33 inches, Length 37-41 inches
WOMENS SMALL, Waist 31-34 inches, Length 39-43 inches
WOMENS MEDIUM, Waist 34-38 inches, Length 41-46 inches


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