KidKraft Dolls Dollhouse

Kidkraft Dolls DollHouse

Look at all those rooms! Let’s get playing with KidKraft Dolls DollHouse.

Kidkraft Dolls Houses are large enough that more than one child can be playing with them at once.  They are huge! Kids stand up and play with them. These dollhouses were made for Barbie,  so that gives you a better idea of how big they are.

Each KidKraft Dolls Dollhouse comes with it’s own furniture. Every room is filled with details that your child will be amazed for days just looking at everything that comes with her dollhouse.

KidKraft Dolls Dollhouse


Top 3 Kidkraft Dolls DollHouses

In my opinion…they are the Best Dolls Dollhouse!

Once Upon A Time KidKraft Dolls Dollhouse

KidKraft Once Upon A Time Dollhouse

This  Once Upon A Time Kidkraft dolls dollhouse will make her dreams come true.

It is over 4 feet tall, 4 1/2 feet wide, and even comes with its very own swimming pool. With so many rooms, seven rooms to be exact, there is plenty of space for dolls to play in.

It fits dolls up to 12 inches tall so these are a barbie doll dollhouses.  Barbie dolls are only 11 1/2 inches tall, so they will fit in this fabulous Kidkraft dollhouse.

It is filled with 23 pieces of furniture that your little princess will have hours of fun and imaginative play. It also has gorgeous artwork and details in every room and on every wall.

The piano plays music at the push of a button. The toilet makes flushing sounds when you push the button. There are lamp lights that will light up her way. It has an outdoor patio and fun swimming pool. There is a Kitchen, Dining room, 2 Living rooms, Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, and 2 Stair cases. With the wide windows her dolls can be viewed from multiple points. Since it is a wooden dolls dollhouse it will last for a very long time.

The BedroomThe KitchenThe Pool

It is large enough that multiple children can play at once. It is made of composite wood materials and there is assembly required, but detailed step-by-step assembly instructions are included.

KidKraft Dolls Dollhouse Sparkle Mansion

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

With four stories, five rooms, a garage, patio, and pool, this Kidkraft Dolls Dollhouse is sure to entertain for hours. With 30 different pieces of furniture every time you play it is a different experience.

The Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion dollhouse is loaded with colorful artwork and fun details that young girls are sure to love. It is especially appealing to the eye from the curved roofs to the wooden backyard addition. One of a kind for sure.

It has a gliding elevator takes dolls from the first floor to the second. There is a separate backyard area, complete with a swimming pool and a BBQ grill.

This Kidkraft Dollhouse is large enough to accommodate a Barbie doll and more than one child can be playing with it at one time.

The BedroomThe Family RoomThe Kitchen

Check out this video to see how large these Kidkraft Dolls Dollhouses really are.

Kidkraft Dollhouse Magnolia Mansion

KidKraft Magnolia Mansion Dollhouse

The Kidkraft Magnolia Mansion Dollhouse is like something out of a fairy-tale, complete with elegant artwork and old-fashioned furniture pieces. It features a gliding elevator to the top of the mansion, molded plastic spiral stairs, a beautiful balcony off the main living area, an old fashioned claw-foot tub in the bathroom makes it feel like you have stepped back in time.

This dollhouse will accommodates all fashion dolls up to 11.5″ tall. That includes Barbie dolls.

This mansion comes with 13 pieces of furniture, a toilet that makes flushing sounds, lamps that light up and a piano that plays music. KidKraft has thought of everything in their dolls dollhouses.


The BalconyThe KitchenThe Bedroom

More Great Kidkraft Dollhouses

Kidkraft has been making these amazing dollhouses for a long time. Because of that, they have a wonderful selection of dollhouses to choose from. Here are more that you can think about for your little girl. It’s really about what she likes. Is she a southern girl? Is she a beach girl? Think about things she likes and try to find a Kidkraft Dollhouse that will be perfect for her.

 Savannah Dollhouse Uptown Dollhouse Soho Townhouse


There are lots more Kidkraft Dollhouses to choose from, along with furniture and dolls. Have fun exploring these awesome works of art created just for your little girl.

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