Hanging Hammock Chair for Kids – A Fun Hugglepod Hanging Chair

Hanging Hammock Chair for Kids – A Fun Hugglepod Hanging Chair

Have you ever heard of a Hugglepod Hanging Chair or maybe Hanging Pod Chair for kids?

Me either, but apparently a Hugglepod Hanging Chair is very popular with kids. Once I saw a picture, I completely understood why. I want one for myself. It’s like being in a small cocoon, with a soft pillow in the bottom to lay in to read or nap or just chill with your best friend.

It can be hung inside or out, from a tree or the swing set. This provides great personal space for little kids and gives them three windows and a fabric door that they can look out.

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Hugglepod Hanging Chair

It’s strong enough that an adult can get in as well. I have seen several videos that show dad or mom inside reading a bedtime story in the Hugglepod Hangout. It holds up to 250 pounds.

Hang Your HugglePod Hanging Chair Indoors or Out With a Stand

hanging hammock chair for kids

It has a crescent stand or frame you can buy to set it up inside on, but its rather tall; 94 inches to the top. You would need 9 foot ceilings for this stand to fit nicely in your home. It would work great on the deck.

This HugglePod Hanging Chair comes from HearthSong, so right away we know that it has been made for children and it’s built with quality.

Is the HugglePod Hanging Chair Comfortable?

hang huggle pod

You tell me. Doesn’t that look comfy? I want to crawl in there myself. It comes with a really nice squishy cushion to lay on once you get inside and with the gentle rocking motion that it makes when it swings, your kids may fall asleep in there.


Buy Your Very Own Cozy Posy HugglePod Hanging Chair for Kids

I have included the HugglePod Hanging Chair from Amazon. You can order with confidence because it’s Amazon.

 Cozy Posy HugglePod HangOutCozy Posy HugglePod HangOut

A few more colors and designs to choose from in the HugglePod Chair line. Which is your favorite color? I think I like the pink one that looks like a flower. Some are more generic and can be used for a girl or boy.

A HugglePod Hanging Chair, Huggle Pod Hang Out, or a Hanging Hammock Chair for Kids…..no matter what you call them, KIDS LOVE THEM. Find their favorite color and hang it in a spot that will give them lots of hang out time.


Hugglepod Hanging Chair perfect for hanging in her bedroom or outside. Climb in for relaxing snuggle time.

Hugglepod Hanging Chair
Hugglepod Hanging Chair
Hugglepod Hanging Chair and Stand
Hugglepod Hanging Chair Hang on tree or from a stand
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  1. I want this hanging chair for myself. What a cool place to hang out if you’re a kid. Being a toy blogger myself, I’m always telling my mom she deprived me when I see things like this. LOL

  2. I love this hanging chair! Does it come in an adult size?

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