Monarch Butterfly Wings for Little Girls

Fairy Wings For Kids

Fairy Wings for Little Girls
Fairy Wings for kids are an excellent way for them to play dress up with their friends.

Little girls love to dress up, but fairy wings takes that to a whole new level.

Playing dress up can be a hot mess. With kids fairy wings, it isn’t that way. All your kids will have on, besides their shorts and top, is an elastic strap on each arm and the wings on their back. They can play for hours in the summer sun and never become a hot mess because of their costume.

It really doesn’t take much for their imaginations to take off and keep them entertained all day. I can just see my grand kids all running around the yard and climbing trees with their new wings on.

Some may prefer butterfly wings, and that is ok, because those are available too.

My grand kids love butterflies and chase them to try to catch them. Someday maybe they will, but until then, they can pretend to be a butterfly or a fairy with their cool fairy wings.

Fairy wings will make an easy and quick costume for your little girl. A pink tee shirt and a pair of matching or coordinating tights or leggings will create a beautiful fairy or butterfly costume. Color coordinate with the wings that you chose.


Fairy Wings For Kids

Purple LED Twinkling Fairy Wings

These beautiful fairy wings were made for little girls and have twinkling lights built into them and come with a replacement battery. We all know she will use that battery up the first day by wearing it from morning till night. Well, maybe not, the battery is made to last 20 hours.

The wings are made of nylon, so they should hold up to anything she gets into while wearing them. They measure 28” x 18” and are designed for little girls ages 3 and up.

Purple LED Twinkling Fairy WingsPurple LED Twinkling Fairy Wings


A Few More Fairy Wings for Kids


Butterfly Wings For Kids

Butterflies are so beautiful with their brilliant colors. Now your child can have their favorite butterfly wings to play with all day long and pretend they are flying and soaring with other butterflies that they see in their yard.

Many of these wings are made with fabric so they are light and airy. This also means they can be hand-washed. We know they will get dirty, so this is perfect.

There isn’t any hard wires in these wings. They hook onto the child’s shoulders with elastic and have an elastic loop at the tips that go around their middle fingers so when they lift their arms, the wings extend and they can flutter.

Orange Monarch WingsOrange Monarch Wings


More Butterfly Wings For Little Girls

Pink Monarch ButterflyOrange Monarch ButterflyPink Butterfly WingsBlue Butterfly WingsYellow Butterfly WingsGreen Butterfly Wings


Make Your Own Fairy Wings

Easy Homemade Fairy Wings
Are you the DIY kind of mom? Great, because there is a easy way to make fairy wings for kids at home. The moms over at have made this really easy for you.

They have step by step instructions, along with pictures to make it fun and easy.

This is a great way to get your creative juices going and then you can build from there. Sometimes when I look at what someone else has done, I can think of a way to do it better or different.

These look a bit small to me, so I would probably try to make them bigger. I do love the way they have doubled up on the wings. They did a great job!

Here is their link so you can check it out.

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas for gifts for your little girl. This would make a wonderful party idea too. Have fairy wings for each little girl. What fun that would be!

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