Privacy Policy


No personal information is required to use our website. None. Nada. Zero. You can visit us and remain completely anonymous.

On our website, we use only session cookies for website navigation, which expire once you leave the site (they help you navigate the website).

We do allow 3rd party advertising through Google AdSense, who have their privacy policy here:

If you wish to purchase something you see on this site, you will be sent directly to the store where you can order and purchase that product. The major store I am an affiliated with are Amazon, here is their Privacy Policy:

We also use two tools, which we use from Google, to help us with our website analytics. These help us understand customer traffic patterns but, importantly, cannot be linked to you personally (at least by us). Google gives us traffic information in the aggregate only (such as: how many people visited this particular page on our website, where people are from, devices they use to access our site and so on). Those two tools are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The privacy policy for Google can be found here:

We would co-operate with any legal request for information that we may get. However, as you will note, we collect relatively little personal information on you directly. We promise to use the information only for the purpose for which it is collected.  We do not share or sell our information with any other company. Ever. Period. We would resist any unlawful request for information, regardless of the source.

We will monitor for privacy threats to the information we may possess and will make you aware directly (if we have your email address), or through this privacy policy, should a data breach occur. This privacy policy was last posted and updated on (March 15, 2024) and will be considered current.

Of course, online privacy and information security is an evolving issue. To help with country regulations governing your online privacy, we are providing useful links to other sources which you may find helpful:

Overview of the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection Act 1998

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003

The Guide to the PECR 2003

United States: US Department of State

Canada: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)