Disney Minnie Mouse Storage Table and Chairs Set

Disney Minnie Mouse Storage Table and Chairs Set! What Fun!!!

Create a quiet space for play or reading with Minnie Mouse storage table and chairs set.

The Minnie Mouse storage table and chairs set for kids are the perfect size with great graphics of their favorite Minnie Mouse and a hidden storage area inside the table. Even if they are still toddlers, they can stand to play on this table. The chairs can be introduced later when they are able to sit and reach the table.

Minnie Mouse Table Chairs2

Minnie Mouse comes with a table with her picture proudly displayed on it and two adorable chairs with the signature Minnie Mouse ears and bow. The table and chairs are made of MDF and pine and has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

The table is 17.5 inches tall, perfect for toddlers; the table is 23.5 inches long and 23.5 inches deep, so a nice square table perfect for activities like coloring, reading, puzzles and just having fun.

Disney Minnie Mouse Storage Table and Chairs SetEveryone I have heard from that has one of these great table and chairs sets says they can’t keep their kids away from it and they even want to eat on it.

The storage area is optional. It’s a mesh bag that hangs under the table. There is a lid that sits on top of it when they don’t want to use it. Just lift off the lid and put in toys or take out crayons. Minnie’s face is on the lid.

If you let the kid’s eat on this table, be careful of spills. Spilled milk or juice will go down into the lid and get in the toys in the mesh bag. I am sure there is a solution for that at meal times.

This table and chair set will need to be assembled. But it isn’t difficult. From the reviews I have been reading, this set takes a beating and keeps on holding up. That is what we look for in our children’s furniture.

Disney Minnie Mouse Storage Table and Chairs Set

Storage Area is closed in this pictureStorage Area is closed in this pictureStorage Area is open here.Storage Area is open here.


The mesh storage bag is perfect for playdoh containers, the big Legos (I think the small Legos will fall through the mesh), crayons, dolls, and the list can really go on and on. I am sure as time goes by, her favorite toys will change and that mesh bag will see lots of different toys.

If you love this table and chair set, but would like something else, like maybe a Frozen table and chair set, or Dora the Explorer table and chair set, or maybe even a Sesame Street table and chairs…..you will find those and more.

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