Easy To Make Cardboard Dollhouse Kits

Easy To Make Cardboard Dollhouse Kits
Little girls love to play with Dollhouses.

There is a company called Lille Huset, which means in Norwegian “Little House”, that makes Cardboard Dollhouse Kits that are designed to be a clean canvas for your little girl.

They are designed for little girls ages 4 to 8, but with adult supervision children younger than that can have fun with these dollhouses as well. These are perfect for the little girl that is crafty, but she doesn’t have to be to enjoy this house.

Your little girl will be able to draw or paint it and then put it together and put it away after each time she plays with it. It is designed for little girls, so you know that it will stand up to her.

Each house comes with a paper doll to cut out and dress. The houses also come with all of the paper accessories that it takes to decorate them. It is a complete kit, but you can add to it if you like.

Easy To Make Cardboard Dollhouse Kits
Add an attractive new roof or new window treatments. Every time your little girl plays with her dollhouse she can imagine a new and different space. It helps kids create their idea of what home is to them.

These aren’t huge dollhouses, so if you don’t have the space for a traditional dollhouse, this might be the one for you. The Primrose house measures approximately 14″ x 8″ x 14″ and folds down flat for storage or to take with you to grandmas house.


Easy To Make Cardboard Dollhouse Kits

The Primrose house was designed after a home on Primrose Hill in England. It is a great example of urban housing in that area. Each house has it’s own story. Watch the video below to hear more about them.

Lille Huset Medium Primrose

Lille Huset Modern Doll HouseLille Huset Doll House Accessory, GardenLille Huset Doll House Accessory, BikesLille Huset Doll House Accessory, Outside


Learn More About Lille Huset Cardboard Dollhouse Kits

Still need more information about these great Cardboard Dollhouses? Watch this great video to learn more.

Cardboard Dollhouse Kits are perfect to help your little girl stretch her imagination and find her inner designer. Whether she will grow up to design houses or bridges, you will know that you helped her find her true love.


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  1. Oh this is totally delightful! My granddaughter is 13, but very artistic, and I think she would enjoy this project even at her age. I know she would have absolutely adored it when she was 8!

  2. Ooh! I love dollhouses! I still have one from my childhood!

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