Barbie Power Wheels for Girls

Barbie Power Wheel Mustang for Girls? Fisher Price Ride on Toys Gives Her Power!!!

Check out this cool Barbie Power Wheel Mustang for girls to ride! It’s a Convertible!!!

Barbie Power Wheel Mustang for Girls? I have always wanted a convertible mustang! Now you can start early in getting that wish for your girls. The boys aren’t getting all the fun anymore, now Fisher Price has realized that girls play just as hard as boys and that they need their own Fisher Price ride on toys.

pink barbie mustang power wheels

They took it one step farther and made Barbie Power Wheel Mustang. They took the most loved doll of all times and paired it with the best Fisher Price ride on toys and made little girls all over very happy.

This Barbie Mustang Convertible Power Wheesl drives in two gears, forward and reverse.

Does it really play music? Yes it does! It features a pretend radio with pre-recorded music and engine sounds to make her  feel like she is driving. To make it even more exciting, the lights flash and dance on the dashboard when the music plays.

Are the seats adjustable for different size kids to drive? Yep, they adjust easily and the kids can do it themselves.  That feature also makes it nice for kids to grow into the car. Just keep moving the seat back as their grow.

 Fisher-Price Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang


It includes 12-volt battery and charger so you can keep her charged all day and then plug it in at night.  The 12 volt battery ensures enough power for one or two children who weigh up to 65 lbs each and allows the car to reach up to 5 mph.

This is a classic Ford Mustang with details inside and out that look like the real thing, including her Running Horse grille to its racy rear spoiler. Your little girl is driving in style now.

It has Sporty chrome wheels, and even an interior cup holder. Gotta keep her hydrated while she is driving around all day.

barbie mustang convertible power wheels

For safety, it does include high-speed lock out for beginners and Power Lock brakes.

From the reviews I have read, it takes about an hour to assemble. Some of the stickers come on the mustang, but others they leave off for you to design your own car.

The Barbie Power Wheel Mustang will run on the grass or on hard surfaces. I have seen parents walking around the block or neighborhood with their little girls riding beside them. This is a perfect idea for you to get your exercise and for them to enjoy riding on the road.

Boys Version! Do you need a blue power wheels mustang for a boy?

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Blue Ford Mustang

Fisher Price makes a blue Boss 302 Mustang just for your little guy. They have created a great assortment of boys and girls Fisher Price ride on toys. You will find something that they will like in just about any color.

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